Case Philosophy

Forensic Science Consultants and Michael Haag are impartial, unbiased, and independent. It is a core value of Haag and FSC that forensics not be based on an emotional or preconceived notion. Historically, forensic practitioners are law enforcement based, and this can lead to real or perceived bias. FSC, as an independent forensic provider, accepts case work in both the civil and criminal arena. Cases have, and will be accepted from defense, prosecution, and plaintiff.

It is a core principle that the work done is for the benefit of the physical evidence, not for a person or organization. As Lucien Haag has pertinently stated with regard to the forensic profession, “We are not in the happiness business”. Whether a scientific conclusion reached is certain, or inconclusive, the result is based on physical evidence, as opposed to who will be happy about it.

Shooting Incident Reconstruction

Shooting incident reconstruction is the use of firearm related physical evidence to determine what did, or did not occur during a shooting incident. This is the core casework service provided by Forensic Science Consultants. This line of investigation uses such physical evidence as fired bullets and fragments, trajectories, cartridge casings, impact sites, trace evidence, the firearm itself, gunshot residue, ammunition, and the event scene itself. Common questions that may be resolved with shooting incident reconstruction include the:

  • firearm location when it was discharged
  • orientation of objects struck when shots were fired
  • sequence of shots fired
  • number of shots fired
  • terminal and/or wound ballistic effects of shots fired
  • determination of which bullets created which impact sites
  • determination of whether or not a suspected impact site is bullet related

Whether a shooting event took place over a short distance, or a long one, physical evidence coupled with experience and empirical testing may be able to answer the critical questions of the shooting event.

Michael Haag has over 20 years of professional experience in this area of investigation, and has testified in many states across the US with regard to shooting incident reconstruction.
Email for a CV.

Forensic Training & Instruction

Forensic Science Consultants specializes in passing on years of shooting incident reconstruction (SIR) knowledge with a variety of length classes. FSC offers comprehensive five day/40 hour courses, a basic three day/24 hour course, or a variety of specialized curriculum. The list of past locations of Forensic Science Consultant's courses is wide ranging. The course has been presented at domestic locations such as: California, Washington, Florida, Massachusetts, Colorado, New Mexico, Georgia, Arizona, Oregon, Texas, Kansas, Indiana, South Dakota. International classes have been offered in Zurich (Switzerland), Leeds (UK), Lincolnshire (UK) Toronto, and Vancouver.

These classes are purposefully developed as live-fire courses so that the participants are not simply observing static pictures, but observing how the physical evidence we identify, collect, and interpret are created. Empirical testing is the core of proper scientific investigation, from the demonstration of the accuracy and precision of trajectories, to the creation of trace evidence, FSC takes SIR training to the highest level on the range shooting. If you have wanted to see glass, steel, or gelatin be shot, or understand which ricochet phenomenon are predictable vs. unpredictable, a Forensic Science Consultant's SIR course is the appropriate destination.

The SIR course can be accredited for a specific state in order to make forensic personnel's time count to continuing education with credits. For information about acting as host for a SIR course, email FSC.

3D Laser Scanning and Drone Operation

Forensic Science Consultants is one of the very few private forensic companies with a company 3D laser scanner, specifically, a scientific grade Leica Geosystems ScanStation. Michael Haag was an early developer of 3D scanning of shooting scenes, to include the correct methods for documentation and interpretation for trajectories with these scientific grade devices. FSC has tailored curricula for the use of 3D scanning with crime scene and shooting scene investigation. If the need is for crime scene/shooting scene investigation or training in 3D scanning, FSC has the tools and expertise to professionally and thoroughly address the matter.

Michael Haag is a licensed, professional drone operator. Depending on your location, drone documentation of a scene, vehicle, or activity may be the solution to a forensic problem.

Case Evaluation

In many instances, the scene or laboratory work has already been completed. If the required work is simply a review of this material, FSC can review, evaluate, interpret, and describe what has been done for the non-forensic lay person. FSC can also assist attorneys with comprehending the meaning of forensic results so they can better prepare for trial, depositions, or pretrial interviews.

Crime Scene Investigation / Field Inspection

There are some aspects of shooting incident reconstruction that are time sensitive, and some items of physical evidence cannot be transported or removed from the scene. Whether the need for a shooting scene investigation arises from an active scene, or a cold, old scene, FSC is one of the very few forensic organizations that can respond to any location with a host of the most advanced tools available. Some of these advanced scene tools include 3D laser scanning, trajectory analysis, and chemical testing of bullet impact sites.

Firearm and Tool Mark Examination

The examination and comparison of microscopic tool marks created by firearms on ammunition and fired components is a classical laboratory technique. As an Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners (AFTE) certified Examiner in all three areas offered, Michael Haag is a highly qualified and well-known analyst in this forensic discipline. Whether a primary examination is needed, a secondary examination of evidence already completed, or a review of case files pertaining to this type of scientific examination, FSC is one of the few private, independent sources of service.